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Race to win’ phrase applies to all domains in every stage of our life. From a toddler to a technician everyone wants their profession to be graded better than the rest. This is a norm in the digital world too and that is why it is a necessity to be trained on how to optimize our website for search engines to make them ramp up naturally. We at SEO Training Co conduct exclusive courses to make this happen through SEO training in Chennai.

Streams of talent – Chennai

Chennai – the metropolitan capital of TamilNadu spreads its reign all over the country with its trending happenings. It never seizes from being a trendsetter by blazing up the social media as well as the NEWS channels. There are more than 292 colleges in Chennai alone, Making an average of about 17500 students passing out per year. Labeled as ‘Fresher’ these young minds would eagerly be awaiting their employer. Ironically the employers would make a list of achievements to be present in the biodata of these fresher’s

The company has the monumental task to shape the knowledge level of the fresher thereby transitioning him to a pro. To achieve this, they need proof that the candidate could really be adept at what they do, be proactive and stress bearers! And the expectation quota for an experienced candidate would be much specific to their technical/management skill set. With these many demands, getting trained for better optimization is one of the best choices for any kind of job seeker.


Industry Standard Salaries For SEO Professionals.

1+ Years

SEO Executive

2.5 Lac / Per Annum

3+ Years

SEO Senior Executive

5 Lac / Per Annum

5+ Years

SEO Astt. Manager

7 Lac / Per Annum

6+ Years

SEO Senior Manager

13 Lac / Per Annum

Our Training Approach


Step 1

Background Analysis

Education & Work History

The basic human nature is curiosity and there is no harm in being curious about the SEO Training in Chennai. We give you here a detailed stage by stage analysis of our training Methodism. A clear background analysis of the candidate is performed in order to understand and level down to their aspirations. The mindset of the pupil is analyzed to know if the pupil is a mere curious fresher or is undergoing an aspiring career alteration or even sometimes in desperate need to prove his hidden talent.

Step 2

Choosing Domain

Once the choice of interest of the pupil is understood, they are allowed to choose from a variety of options for domains and websites. The choice might not be a clear one, but we guide the candidate and help him optimize the best platform for himself.

Step 3

SEO Implemented

The candidate is trained profusely on SEO techniques and on the preferred domain, a real-time SEO implementation is carried on by the candidate. This will give him the confidence never discovered before.

Step 4

Portfolio Creation

The pupil is guided in the creation of his own portfolios/online resumes. The SEO implemented in real time is also included in it, thereby boosting his career opportunities.

Step 5

Wrap Up

Though we do not directly influence in job fetching activity, we sure do increase the probability of employment by conducting mock up interviews. We conduct a series of placements and guidance explanations which aid the candidate. On contrary to other companies, SEO Training Co keeps in touch with the pupil by providing support after the classes. We also conduct periodic meetings for the pupil even after completion of the course. With such personalized SEO training and interaction, you would mould into the talent that many would seek after. Take this low-cost opportunity and impress yourself with your newfound skills!

Prices &The Less the Better

SEO Training Center is an academy which strives to keep its intention pure by encouraging the world to go digital. We optimize this by having an exquisite fee structure at lower costs than other’s providing the same service.

INR 3000

Suitable for Techies Duration: 10 Hr No Free Website No Free Content Limited Tools Limited Support Limited Job Support

INR 6000

Suitable: Bloggers Duration: 20 Hr No Free Website Free Content Full Tools 1 Year Support Limited Job Support

INR 9000

Suitable: Job Seekers Duration: 30 Hr Free Website Free Content Full Tools Extended Support Extended Job Support